William Viney


Advocacy and Advisory

I have over 10 years of experience as an advocate and advisor in health research. I specialise in participatory approaches to healthcare data and governance, with a particular interest in democratic data stewardship – ensuring an organization’s data is accessible, trustworthy, usable, and secure. 

As an experienced contributor to policy making at national and international levels, my work seeks to involve diverse publics. I can provide insights and advice to help resolve problems,  engagement capacity within your organisation or rethinking governance practices to be more inclusive and transparent, I can provide expert insights and practical guidance.

Some of the other ways I can help your organisation may include:

  • align organisational values with engagement and involvement activities;
  • support communications, engagement and involvement leads to analyse past activities;
  • develop strategy proposals with staff and support them to build sustainable relationships with public members;
  • support the design of operating protocols, governance, research, and communications;
  • plan, moderate, or creatively facilitate public meetings;
  • evaluate events, provide analysis and guide further decision making.

As an advisor or public member I have worked with the Health Research Authority, National Institute for Health Research, Ada Lovelace Foundation, METADAC, and Kings College London.

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